First blog – Intro kinda

Well, I am not sure where to start.

I, Jody, and my two sons, B. and T., currently reside in New York with my longtime partner, S..

I have been homeschooling B. since he was half way through second grade, attending a public school in Massachusetts.  T. was enrolled in a public preschool at the same time.  I kept T. in preschool while I finished off Second grade homsechooling B., then no one returned to public education from then on.

We have been trying out all sorts of homeschooling models to find what suites our family and have come up with a rather eclectic style using aspects of unschooling, waldorf methodolgy, and classical.  It isn’t perfect but we have only been working on it for four years. 😛 

I hold interests just as varied as our homeschooling style.  I enjoy art of most sorts.  Currently I am learning fiber art methods and am enjoying this particular expression of the arts.  I also have a passion of the equine sort, so through Parelli Horsemanship inspiration I am given an outlet for working with horses in a more natural and satisfying environment.  B. holds strengths in self motivation, which I personally lack at this moment, so he has taught himself electronics, knitting and guitar to name a few more recent talents.  T. holds his most treasured value of play in his foremost attention and holds onto it for dear life.  And S., he goes with the flow as much as he can. 

I am blessed by the variety of friends and supports that I have in my family and community.  I don’t know how we could get along with them. 

A major component in my family life in our church, UUCB.  I attend services, I used to teach religious education until T.’s demands for my attention became too great to be reliable in that service, I facilitate a Small Group Ministry, and attend another Small Group Ministry devoted to topics of children and parenting.  I enjoy that variety of folks I meet there and have received such loving and caring support through my minister and director of religious education making this a priceless experience for my family.

My online community is also a precious multitude of wealth in resources and support.  I am expecially thankful for Marsha Johnson’s yahoo group, Waldorfeducators and Kristie Burns yahoo group and website, Waldorfschoolonline.  These two woman have opened there hearts to the homeschooling community that wants more invovlment in Waldorf inspired lifestyles.  I am grateful to both of them.

The local community in which I live has an incredible homeschooling group, that supports each other in whatever endeavor one might try their hand at.  I am fortunate to have found several folk to connect with through this abundantly diverse group of families.

We currently live a small farm with a few animals but mostly pets, at this time.  Fiona, our Saint Bernard.  Snoopy, our Miniature Pinscher.  Sage, our Blue Heeler.  Happy, our Poodle.  four cats.  Mrs. Bunbun, our Rex rabbit, three Silke show chickens.  We are hoping to add many more animals such as goats, sheep and chicken and meat rabbits, in short order, so that we can develop more homesteading qualities in our lifestyle.  I am hoping to learn more about perserving food prior to this fall.


I suppose for all other aspects of my life and adventures with my family, you will just have to learn about through reading this blog.  I hope that I will keep this up to date and find this a fufilling project.




4 thoughts on “First blog – Intro kinda

  1. Hi Jody,

    Congratulations on your new blog! I have a word press blog & love it; let me know if you ever need any help with the technical aspect of it. Enjoy the new found expression & communication & be sure to share with us your thoughts on Fridays.

    Leilani from Kristie’s Waldorf group.

  2. Thanks both of you for encouraging me to do this.
    Leilani, I posted today some broken thoughts about the lecture, this morning. I hope it makes sense. I think I am too tired to think clearly.

  3. Hi beautiful friend! I am thrilled that you’re blogging now! Even on days we are too busy to connect, we can read about one another’s adventures and misadventures. Because, yeah, I blog so much *ahem.* You are inspiring me to get on that! Loved your entries. Keep going.


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