Flexability…so glad to have it.

It is 7:55pm.  T.’s bedtime is 8pm.  Today, since the weather was so nice he spent it out side playing with sticks and his brother (amazingly not either of them actually got hurt).  Right now he is sitting down in front of his workbook completeing five pages of required writing I insist he finishes every day.  He started at 7:15pm and is almost done now. 

To really understand the importance of this event you have to rewind three weeks ago.  T. has refused to pick up a pencil since he was five years old, so getting anxious about his avoidance I spent one torturous day insisting upon him filling out a page per subject in a comprehensive curriculum workbook.  The work itself is simple beginner second grade level, but to actaully write out the answers and practice his handwriting is my true goal.  Since that day of screaming and yelling and crying he has managed to get this task done everyday without any explosions!  This is monumental for T.

If it weren’t for the fact that we have a flexable lifestyle so that he could put this off until right before bedtime, his choice!, he accomplishes his goal of playing all day and I accomplish my goal for him to write these five pages out.

Back to listening to my son singing the Wizard of Oz munchkin theme song while finishing up his studies.


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