Long week

It has been three days without S. home.  He has been on a business trip out to Seattle, WA.  He really likes it there.  He has been introduced to a neat restaraunt that serves your food to you raw that you cook on a really hot stone on the table.  The dogs are all depressed becuase “daddy” isn’t here.

I can’t seem to find my groove within my days like I usually do when he must go overnight anywhere on business.  Although!  I did manage to remove all important emails from Incredimail and uninstall that software completely.  I am hoping that our computer will be runnin gmuch more smoothly from now on.

I just worry that I didn’t set up Outlook correctly.  We will see.

Today at playgroup with the boys was fun and interesting.  T. was role playing a violent and evil guy against the other children, per usual, until I go thim interested in Thomas the Tank Engine toys that occupied him for the remiander of the time.  Whew!  B. had a great time playing with his dear friend Tim, whom had been on a really nice vacation by train for the last two weeks.  I wasn’t up to or really able to attend to adult conversation as I new it was one of those days I would have to watch T. like a hawk.  I hope to find more time later to connect with the families at some other time.

T. is once again doing his written work as I write and is enjoying the tasks he is asked to do.  Yeah!

B. has dissapeared into the depths of his room reading more D&D books.  Slightly obsessed.

I am exhausted from working at the computer all day and following T. around at playgroup, so I will be hoping for an early bedtime tonight.

I am so thankful for the warm weather for the last couple days.


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