Thursdays have just gotten more busy for me.  We usually have to go to Physcial Therapy in the morning at 11am, then we hurry home to make lunch so we are out the door before 12:30 to get to Biology Lab for 1pm.  There I sit for two  hours while the kids do their stuff, all the while waiting for any explosions on T.’s part, especially when it is time to leave.  3pm rolls around fights them out the door to usually go pick up S. from work around 4pm.  From there we head home to make dinner to eat by 5:30pm, DONE!  But not anymore…B.’s TaeKwonDo Master wants B. to particpate in Thursday’s classes so now we must finish dinner by 6pm with Gi on and out the door for class over 1/2 hour away beginning at 6:30pm till 7:30pm, then home by 8pmish to put T. to bed with a story.  DONE!  Well, at this point I am burnt toasted crispy! How ever you want to say it.  Thursdays are just too busy for me.

And folks think Homeschooling happens in the home. HUH!


One thought on “Thursdays!

  1. Phew! I’m tired just reading about your day!

    I know our time will come too, when my kids are older and in more structured activities, but for now I’m very glad that we have time to relax!

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