Damn Gas Prices!

Well, I have a feeling I have to give in to reality.  I hate this!  I have planned for many months, now, to attend an appointment for the childrens’ Anthroposophical Doctor on Long Island, but I fear that since it is well over $4.00 a gallon, that I cannot afford to travel that far to see her.  This is farily depressing.  I was hoping to finally meet the woman who changed my entire family’s life.  If it weren’t for this womans compassion, knowlegde and willingness to share so much of her life with me, my youngest child would not be here with me today.  I am sure of that! 

It would cost twice as much as the two night hotel stay, to pay for GAS!  That is insane!  Thankfully, on trip like this I cook and pack all our food ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about extra expense of feeding us.  I even bring my own water from our tap in jars, nice and frozen.  So much better than city water and much less expensive than bottled. 😛

It really drives me crazy to think how bad it has gotten.  Growing up, the only thing you could afford to do for entertainment was to drive around the surrounding states and enjoy the scenery and explore new places.  Now you can’t even do that.  I better go back into winter cave mode, becuase I am not going anywhere anytime soon, by the looks of it.

Okay, I am done ranting now…..


You know when you have been too busy when…..

Explosions!  Explosions! Explosions!

Sunday, we were busy for the third day straight.  It was fun, but busy.  We then had a relaxing but not at home day on Monday and now the consequences of our actions are catching up to us.

T. has fallen apart throughout the day for various reasons.  First, taking the evil shower of death.  That took an hour to get him in to it.  It only took 5 minutes to get clean and dressed.  Second, clearly losing touch with reality and not listening to directions are Physical Therapy.  He got himself frustrated during a game of monkey in the middle and Hot Potato that he ended up crying and trying to leave in a big tearful scene.  I didn’t allow him to leave until he was calmed down.  So I had him use some heavy wieghts to lift and that helped.  Third, leaving the library after desperately trying to get on the computer while I was in another room.  Thankfully the computer would not allow him on and then after pulling him away from that, he tried to insist that he needed another book. I walked out of the building with him screaming and trying to beat the crap out of me all the way to the car.  Then proceeded to the car yelling at me about how he needed a hug and tried leaving the car door open, thinking it would stop me from moving the car.  Which he quickly realized he better shut it, cuase I wasn’t stopping.  This tantrum lasted for a half an hour.  Between him trying to break the car and threatening to hit myself and B.  I had pretty much had my level of tolerance for the day.  No, I guess that wasn’t enough.  Fourth, once again it came to dinner time and I insisted that he sit and eat with us.  I am not sure why this has become something he feels is negotiable, as we have done dinner at the table for as long as he has been alive!  But he has been trying to eat after everyone is done and then complaining that no one saved him some food or it has already been packed away when he decides to sit down for dinner.  He came to the table, but did so mumbling and complaining, so I sent him to his room.  Of course, this set off another half hour long tantrum which I ignored.  When we were all done with dinner, he got what he wished to eat alone, afterall. 😛

I am pooped and I have two more hours till bedtime.  I can’t wait for the next typical explosion about the story or the blankets to occur at that time, as it does when T. has one of these days.

I hope tomorrow is better. Sigh

Saturday’s adventures

Saturday began with me forcing myself awake after partying till midnight, at 7:ooam.  I had to be out the door by 8:15am for a Goat Pasture Walk/Famache Training.  The boys were still asleep when I was picked up by my goat and alpaca friend, Sharon H.  We were seated in a cold garage with many other farming folks, then presented an extemely educational lecture/powerpoint by Dr. Cameen, Vet.  It was absolutely wonderful to learn about all the species of parasite infestations that occur with in our animals and how to detect them.  We were allowed to bring a sample of fecal matter to have an Egg count taken.  I was surprised to find my animals need to be treated but nothing horrible.  We then had a nice lunch and walked around the farm that was hosting the event and learned how they managed their goat program.  It was great to get together with folks that have an interest in raising goats for breeding and meat.  There was lots of brainstorming for market resources and such while we were walking around.

I am very thankful to the Norwich and Binghamton CCE folk, Janet and Brian for putting this together.

After goat stuff, I arrived home around 3:30pm to a quite house.  My family had gone swimming for a couple hours again.  As soon as they arrived, we packed up the boys and we off to my parents home.  They were sitting for us so we could have a night out. 

I brought S. to the Cranberry Coffee house for a concert by Amy Gallatin.  It was fun and more country than I had expected, but still some amazing musicians.  We enjoyed our time and yummy pies.  At mid-night we arrived home with the boys and sacked out!  Good day overall!

Ben’s 8th Birthday

We had such a fun time this last Friday.  T.’s dear friend Ben had his 8th Birthday!  Paula set up so many fun activities to do and yummy treats for us all.  We played all sorts of games all night and the kids had so much fun we stayed until almost mid-night.  I don’t know how all you late night folks do it.  That was exhausting.

So many pictures were had but these were a few I was able to take.  Enjoy!  I know we did!


Sticking My Neck Out

I took a rather large leap last night. 

My local homschooling group has been in formation for over 17 years.  I have lately seen discontent and heard from various folks about the lack of community and issues with not having enough activities for children of various ages particpate in.  All this has been spoken in small groups, not able to make a formed desicion for any group that consists of 200 poeple.  I finally had heard enough to understand that we need to gather our community together as a whole and do some problem solving.  So last night I wrote a lengthy email to the group and breifly described issues that I have been hearing from a variety of scources and encouraged folks to join in on a discussion.

So far, I have had some responses.  All positive!  I am waiting for much more and the windfall of sniping to possibly occur.  We will see.  Me!  Making Waves!  Well, if that is what it takes to get some participation, then I am all fot it.

I will keep posting about this as it evolves.


I haven’t done anything really invovled or indepth in many years with my own artistic endeavors so I thought I would post a couple of the 5 five minute jobbies that I have played with in the past year.  As you will see they are really far from art, but I don’t have time to delve into projects that require my inspiration and attention for maintained amounts of energy due to interupting life. LOL

I hope to put aside a little more aside for me time, but we’ll see.