May Day!

My May Day began at 5:ooam as dawn was approaching.  Showering commenced to wake and purify the body for the days events to come.  Tummies grumbling we left the house at 6:30am with the arrival of our dear friend Jacqui.  Her two children and the three of us piled into her vehicle for a rather exciting drive towards Coventry, NY.  Once there(after several map checks) we were greeted by our friend Regina and her family and a few other friends for a head count.  We had to have enough folks there to perform the Maypole dances.  We had just enough!  Surprisingly this year, I was blessed with a small intimate gathering rather than the usual 40-60 folks to be overwhelmed by.  We sleepily and frozen like, took our places around the maypole and received directions from Regina.  WE helped the younger folks figure out the sequence of events and off we went.  Around and around and up and over and down and under we weaved then unweaved, then weaved another pattern and unweaved, then weaved and finally tied off the ends to create another beautiful Maypole to stay erect for the entire year!  It was fun and sometime confusing.  The music provided by Regina’s husband on Banjo and the voice of all who chimed in was entrancing and silly!  T. did manage to join in for a little while which was a really wonderful effort on his part as he really doesn’t handle group activities all that well.  He really enjoys being on the outskirts of group events doing his own thing.  He actually sat within the circle space for quite some time and “helped” me go around the maypole several rotations during one weave.

After we tied off the Maypole and said our lovely Robert Frost Peoms, so perfectly reflecting the days beginnings and intentions, we ajorned to the indoors of the lovely cottage home to feast and converse.


Later that day we took up the task of drum carding Alpaca fleece.  That probably sounds nice but let me tell you how horrible reality is! 😛  Alpaca is staticy and dusty and flighty and dry.  It gets in your eyes, one your clothes, in your throat, stuck on your fingers!  It is an all around not so nice fiber to work with initially.  When completed it is beautiful and a challenging fiber to play with.  It is softer and silkier than Sheeps wool, which makes spinning it a challenge but the challenge of taking wool and spinning it into useable yarn is part of what makes the process fun and delighting.  We were only able to get about 4-6 ounces done before rain threatened and we had appointments to attend elsewhere.

It was busy and fun and challenging!  What could you ask for in a May Day!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BEST FRIEND LYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in MN.  I LOVE YOU!



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