I am addicted to Spinning Fiber into Yarn from my drop spindles!  There! I have said it for the whole world to know.  I started taking interest in fiber art several years ago when my family began moving from conventional ignorant bliss into eyes wide open educated skeptical aware natural holistic waldorf inspired.  A few years ago upon our move to New York I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful family that raised sheep for fiber.  In that time I had studied various methods for the use of such an asset and have been splendily surprised by the willingness and openness to share the knowledge and experience of fiber arts with me.  Jaqcui R. has been so fun to learn by and easy.  She has taken my education and practice in her hands.  I am so thankful for all that she has afforded me and guided me through this wonderful art.  I can take things at my speed and delve into each aspect as fully as I’d like before moving on to the next project.

Knitting, spinning, carding, washing and more.  It is all part of the fun of caring for sheep and the processing of fleece. 

I am also recently blessed by an energetic and knowledgable new friend whose expertise in children like my own but also with Alpacas.  I received my alpaca from her years ago on freecycle and have been moving it around my house until I could figure out how tou se it.  Well with Jaqcui and Sharon H.’s help I am finally putting it to good use.  Sharon H. has several Alpaca and loves dying her alpaca’s fleece.  I was given some of her roving alpaca to play with.  I was surprised  to find it was possible to spin alpaca with my from spindle.  Not a feet taken on lightly. 😛  Slippery stuff!  The color I chose to play with is a brilliant orange.  One of the things Sharon is really great at is making these most brilliant colors!  Take a look!  I also posted the roving of Icelandic wool that Jacqui purchased for me to play with.  I am so thrilled by these experiences.  I am hooked!!


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