Sunday Success!

Sunday I was hoping to actually be able to sit and listen to a sermon from Douglas Taylor our minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Binghamton and have B. in Religious Education class without any incedents, but I was way off base.  I woke to find T. wanting to attend Spirit Play!  I was astonished!  Why you say?  Well, he can’t really handle group things without a melt down of sorts so he avoids them like the plague with the exception of playgroups on Wednesdays.  Last Sunday was out UUPal brunch.  This consists of Secret Adult Pals meeting their youth pal over brunch to exchange gifts and knowledge about one another.  The lead up to this event id fun for the adults and the children as adults leave secret notes and items for the children through out the month.  T. did not perticpate this year becuase I would not sign him up if he were not going to particpate in Religious education or other church functions.  He was upset, understandably but I was standing firm on this.  Surprise!  That pushed him to reach out and explore Spirit Play, our montessori based religious education program for his particular age group.  I went over with him the format of class and expectations of him while particpating in a classroom event.  He tentatively entered the room, not allowing me out of his site and took his place amoung the circle.  Normally having another adult in the room would be frowned upon but I kept myself small and focused solely upon him and reassuring him.  He made it!  All the way through class and enjoyed himself thoroughly! He even said he wanted to do this every Sunday!  This is major break through for T.  I was so happy to see him sit through the story and explore all the baskets of stories he has missed from previous class stories.  It was facinating!  His teachers were wonderful and supportive. 

That’s not all!

I realized after class that it was the day of our church’s MAY DAY celebration.  Good thing I realized before I left, as I was signed up to help at the craft table! 😛  This meant staying through out coffee hour and through second service with T. running free for most of it.  Coffee hour went well.  T. played with his freinds on the playground while I helped set up and catch up with several folks I had not seen in a while.  Then it came Chapel time for the children and T. was not going to particpate. I figured if he made it this far in the day without issues I was not going to push his involvment in this.   I left him to play.  I little while later the children had chosen the May Queen and King and proceeded to the May Pole.  T. then came crying inside to me, at the craft table, becuase “they had started without him”.  I am not sure what he was thinking, but I told him that he chose not to participate by not entering Children’s Chapel and if he really wanted to join in I could help him or he could simply ask the Acting DRE to help him find a spot.  At that, he decided he would just play around in the same area.  That was fine.  After the Maypole Dance the kids were let loose.  They took advantage of the trees and room to run.  It was chaos, but a good chaos.  Until……T. took offense to another child removing, without permission, his friend, Pirans’s backpack from his body.  He instantly picked up a stick and started kicking the child.  The entire process was carefully watched and dealt with swiftly and lovingly by the Acting DRE, Laurie McCoy.  She is wonderful!  We found in our conversations with T. that his initial upset that happened prior to the Maypole dance, was the fact that his favorite adult, Bill Thorpe, was not there.  He was looking forward to playing with him.  That was sad, but his daughter ensured him that he would see him soon and he had no choice about not being here.  That worked for T.!  He was off and running and having a great time and all was forgiven between parties.  I kept my eye on him to see if he was losing touch with reality at all but he held fast.  It was so pleasant not to have to have been his mediator for that time period.  It was  great breathe of fresh air.

That is not all!

Of course all good things must come to an end!  Well, five minute warnings were given to both children and with only a slight altercation between brothers, was accepted with only a little groan.  Upon the one minute warning I was initially greeted with a loud outburst vocally “No!” but when I stated that a five minute warning was given so he should be ready, I actually got a repsonse of “Okay”.  My jaw practically dropped off my face! Both boys went back outside to play….or that is what I thought.  In actuality!  Both had made their rounds of good byes and were waiting for me at the car!!!!!!  AT THE CAR!!!!!!  I was the one running behind and late for them!!  This was miraculous!  I couldn’t have asked for a better morning!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Success!

  1. Hey, girlfriend! I am so happy that you and the boys had a day full of positive surprises. I understand the hugeness of this! It is such a gift to be around people who support us with love. Here’s hoping for many more positives!

    Love you,

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