Pleasant Day

This may sound odd but I have not said those words in years, until yesterday.  I have had pleasant times and hours and half hours, but a whole day is rare indeed.  I took my time writing up my blogs in the morning and the boys played gently till I was through.  Then I remembered I had wanted to attend a Fiber gathering that occurs at Sharon H.’s farms every Monday.  It started an hour before I realized this.  I called and was graciously invited over with my children.  Of course, I immediately had confrontation between the boys so I left one behind and took T. with me.  I arrived at her lovely relaxing farm and sat down and chatted and showed her alpaca roving I had been working on with the drop spindle.  I learned about tringle looms while there, too.  T. played with the goats and dogs and cats outside and roamed around the farm and played with some building toys and board games.  He was relaxed.  Regina M. and H. and J. joined us and spun on the wheels for a while and we all chatted and just relaxed.  It was warm outside when we left at 3:00pm!  I felt happy!  Comfortable!  Relaxed!  These are not normal conditions from me.  Even my Small Group Ministry meeting was successful for T. and myself.  Our topic was Overcommittment.  What interesting aspects come with such a loaded topic.  I have found that I am much less overcommitted this year than last year and was forced into that position by T.’s crisis’.  This is a very postive thing for me, as I was queen of overcommitment but now I can say “no” much more easily now, though it still comes with some flavor of guilt some times.  That will be recified some day.


2 thoughts on “Pleasant Day

  1. If we weren’t all so overcommitted, we could make time for an overcommitment support group, but if we didn’t want to go, we’d feel guilty and need to start a guilt-free life support group, but we still might be too overcommitted to attend that one, but if we didn’t we’d feel guilty for not learning how to feel guilt-free, because we are committed to our guilt and overcommittednessosity. Yeah.

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