Sticking My Neck Out

I took a rather large leap last night. 

My local homschooling group has been in formation for over 17 years.  I have lately seen discontent and heard from various folks about the lack of community and issues with not having enough activities for children of various ages particpate in.  All this has been spoken in small groups, not able to make a formed desicion for any group that consists of 200 poeple.  I finally had heard enough to understand that we need to gather our community together as a whole and do some problem solving.  So last night I wrote a lengthy email to the group and breifly described issues that I have been hearing from a variety of scources and encouraged folks to join in on a discussion.

So far, I have had some responses.  All positive!  I am waiting for much more and the windfall of sniping to possibly occur.  We will see.  Me!  Making Waves!  Well, if that is what it takes to get some participation, then I am all fot it.

I will keep posting about this as it evolves.


2 thoughts on “Sticking My Neck Out

  1. I’ve just finished reading the latest back-and-forthing, and I say HOORAY for you for sticking your neck out! I’m doing some serious thinking about what I’d like to see, and how to propose it, and when I get a moment to myself (huh? what’s that?) I’m sure I’ll hop on the list with my 2 cents too.

    See you tonight?

  2. Thank you! Iam glad that you will be joining in on the converstation. I need all the back up and encouragement to keep this conversation going.
    See you tonight!

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