Saturday’s adventures

Saturday began with me forcing myself awake after partying till midnight, at 7:ooam.  I had to be out the door by 8:15am for a Goat Pasture Walk/Famache Training.  The boys were still asleep when I was picked up by my goat and alpaca friend, Sharon H.  We were seated in a cold garage with many other farming folks, then presented an extemely educational lecture/powerpoint by Dr. Cameen, Vet.  It was absolutely wonderful to learn about all the species of parasite infestations that occur with in our animals and how to detect them.  We were allowed to bring a sample of fecal matter to have an Egg count taken.  I was surprised to find my animals need to be treated but nothing horrible.  We then had a nice lunch and walked around the farm that was hosting the event and learned how they managed their goat program.  It was great to get together with folks that have an interest in raising goats for breeding and meat.  There was lots of brainstorming for market resources and such while we were walking around.

I am very thankful to the Norwich and Binghamton CCE folk, Janet and Brian for putting this together.

After goat stuff, I arrived home around 3:30pm to a quite house.  My family had gone swimming for a couple hours again.  As soon as they arrived, we packed up the boys and we off to my parents home.  They were sitting for us so we could have a night out. 

I brought S. to the Cranberry Coffee house for a concert by Amy Gallatin.  It was fun and more country than I had expected, but still some amazing musicians.  We enjoyed our time and yummy pies.  At mid-night we arrived home with the boys and sacked out!  Good day overall!


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