You know when you have been too busy when…..

Explosions!  Explosions! Explosions!

Sunday, we were busy for the third day straight.  It was fun, but busy.  We then had a relaxing but not at home day on Monday and now the consequences of our actions are catching up to us.

T. has fallen apart throughout the day for various reasons.  First, taking the evil shower of death.  That took an hour to get him in to it.  It only took 5 minutes to get clean and dressed.  Second, clearly losing touch with reality and not listening to directions are Physical Therapy.  He got himself frustrated during a game of monkey in the middle and Hot Potato that he ended up crying and trying to leave in a big tearful scene.  I didn’t allow him to leave until he was calmed down.  So I had him use some heavy wieghts to lift and that helped.  Third, leaving the library after desperately trying to get on the computer while I was in another room.  Thankfully the computer would not allow him on and then after pulling him away from that, he tried to insist that he needed another book. I walked out of the building with him screaming and trying to beat the crap out of me all the way to the car.  Then proceeded to the car yelling at me about how he needed a hug and tried leaving the car door open, thinking it would stop me from moving the car.  Which he quickly realized he better shut it, cuase I wasn’t stopping.  This tantrum lasted for a half an hour.  Between him trying to break the car and threatening to hit myself and B.  I had pretty much had my level of tolerance for the day.  No, I guess that wasn’t enough.  Fourth, once again it came to dinner time and I insisted that he sit and eat with us.  I am not sure why this has become something he feels is negotiable, as we have done dinner at the table for as long as he has been alive!  But he has been trying to eat after everyone is done and then complaining that no one saved him some food or it has already been packed away when he decides to sit down for dinner.  He came to the table, but did so mumbling and complaining, so I sent him to his room.  Of course, this set off another half hour long tantrum which I ignored.  When we were all done with dinner, he got what he wished to eat alone, afterall. 😛

I am pooped and I have two more hours till bedtime.  I can’t wait for the next typical explosion about the story or the blankets to occur at that time, as it does when T. has one of these days.

I hope tomorrow is better. Sigh


One thought on “You know when you have been too busy when…..

  1. I can see T tantruming and hear him screaming. Oh how I wish that wasn’t a part of his life or yours or B’s. *hugs* Hug everyone else for me too.

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