ARG!! Screens!

OMG!  I want to explode!  This is how last night went.

“Time for bed”

“Okay, I want to make my bed, so you don’t have to.”

“huh? well, okay…”

“One chapter left and you’ll be done with InkSpell.  I hope it ends well.” “Done, bummer.  I was hoping for a happy ending.  We finished Artmeis Fowl yesterday, what do you want to read next?”

“Nothing, I’ll be in my room.”

“What?!  What have you got going on?!”  Looking down behind his bed and under his bed.  Blood pressure rising!!!!  Screams welling inside me.  “What the hell is this!?!  Goddammit!” 

“Nothing.  I don’t have anything.  Okay!  The rest of the videos are in the bag.”

Tossing room commences to find DVD player and three movies and Gameboy Advanced turned on under bed. 

“Don’t ever ask me to read you another story!”

Whaling loudly and screams galore as I remove items and storm out of his room before I throw child out second floor window.  Furious!  Not bothering to tune into anything child is saying.  I sit and knit!



Can I just say this happens a lot.  I am so tired of him breaking into my room and drawers pulling crap out that he knows he is not allowed to use.  So all must go!  I am done having any of it in hopes that one day as they become older teens they might learn to moderate themselves with this stuff and that it wouldn’t be such an obsessive issue.  I find it absurd that my child is decieptful, sneaky, lying, and totally untrustworthy. ARG!  Don’t say it!  I already know!  I just need to ge this shit out!


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