Cleaning out Temptations!

I thought I would let you folks have grabs first on these games.
I can’t have them in the house any longer as they are causing
way too much conflict. These are in used condition and aren’t pretty.
I would like to see it all go together. I am not positive that
everything works. Consider that when making an offer.

Here is the list:
White Gameboy Advanced, no battery cover, unless I can find it
Blue/Grey Gameboy Advanced, no battery cover
GB Games:
mystery blue game cartridge
The Flash
Lord of the Rings, the third age
Bionicle, Matoran Adventures
PrehistoriK Man
Harry Potter
Monsters Inc.
DragonBall Z, the legacy of Goku
Sabrina, the animated series
Namco Museum, at least three games on it
F-Zero, Maximum velocity
Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl
Lego, Bionicle
Tony Hawk, Pro Skater Three
Froggers Adventres, Temple of the Frog
Aero the Acro-Bat
Possibly one or two other games
Two Portable DVD players, Digital Labs
both come with a rechargable battery pack
One has car adapter
Next system…..
Super Games – purchased at Mall contains:
Super Joystick
Power Gun
Regular Joystick
Play thousands of Games from Mario Brothers to Donkey Kong by
plugging directly into TV
Next System…
10 in 1 Casino Game, plugin controller that plays casino games
Next system…
Nintendo 64
two controllers with rumble pack option
1 rumble pack
1 Tremor Pak
1 SharkPad Pro64 Controller
1 Memory Card Plus
1 Jumper Pak
1 WWF Champion Pak – Game
1 Perfect Dark – Game
1 Mortal Kombat Trilogy – Game
1 Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Game
1 WCW vs NWO World Tour – Game
1 Worms Armageddon – Game
Next system…
World Poker Tour, Plugin controller that plays poker
Next System…
Nintendo GameCube
two memory cards
Spyro, enter the Dragonfly
Thomas and Jerry
if I find the controllers and more games I will let any that are
interested know what they are.

That is what I have and I ask that you make an offer. I need this
out of my house. Like I said tho, I can’t garantee how much of this
stuff works. Let me know if anyone is interested.


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