Dry run!

Okay, so this week we stopped by a Carousel.  There are several open in our local parks at this time of year.  I noticed right away that T. was nervous about getting up high and moving fast.  Now, I am thinking a this point,  “T. wants to go to horseback riding camp for a whole week, which costs a fortune.  How about I actually see if he can do this before paying out the nose for this.”  I spoke to the camp director and set up a half hour trail ride for me and the boys this weekend.  This should give me a good idea if I can keep  him calm enough to ride on a horse and follow directions at the same time.

So, on Sunday I will see if this is acutally going to happen.  If not, then I will have to find another activity he can particpate in that I know for certain he can handle and enjoy. 😛


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