I feel so preoccupied.  I am busily working on my garden whenever the weather doesn’t melt me; Cleaning our porch from the animals and “no where else to put it syndrome” hit this winter; working on getting the goats pasture ready; preparing for T.’s dedication ceremony at church; messing with T.’s meds to manage his aggression;  preparing for next years schooling;  preparing for this summers camps and lesson blocks; getting our first YMCA membership; playgroups; fiber fests and meetings; playdates; getting a new physcial therapist; trying to figure out how I can get on medicaid;  figuring out the system to obtain respite care;  desiring to visit my family and beign burdened into seeing my childrens other half of the family; cleaning, feeding and moving chickens, goats and dogs; figuring out what I am going to do with one out of eight kittens that needs medical care; rabies shots overdue for each dog and licenses all due for the town; desiring more yarn and tools to work with it; rearranging the house to fit our changing needs as my edlest hits his teens; always procrastinating cleaning my floors( I mean ALL my floors)…..

I just want to breathe.


One thought on “Doing.

  1. Wow! I feel overwhelmed just reading your list! It sounds like your life is full to the brim of DOING right now!

    If there’s anything I can do… in any capacity… including just listening or being *not* demanding of your time… here I am!

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