Dedication Ceremony

T. had decided during this last Sunday’s Passages Service that he wanted to be dedicated to the church.  This would be something similar to baptism is christian religions.  He will be welcomed as an official extended family member to everyone of the congregants.  It was pretty cool and kinda outta the blue that T. wanted this.  I wasn’t sure what his motivations were, but I know he really loves the time he spends with so many folks here at the local UU.  They truely are our extended family.  I am lucky to have found such a welcoming and kind group of folks upon arriving in New York almost four years ago now.

These are a few pictures of the actual ceremony that almost didn’t happen.  T. sat there in the pew, with our special guests grandma and grandpa.  All of a sudden, in mid hymn, “I don’t want to be dedicated”. Tears in his eyes and pulling me upon him.  Oh dear.  I was feeling a little disheartened.  I kelpt encouraging him that he could do this and that there was nothing to fear about going up to the pulpit.  Nothing helped. His sobs only got louder.  Finally it came time and Douglas came over with mike in hand announcing T.’s dedication and T. balled out his loudest yet that he didn’t want to be dedicated!  My face was probably turning shades of all sorts by this point.  What was I going to do  You can’t say you have to. to something like this.  Douglas was so kind and flexible, knowing T. very well, he tried to give him all control over the matter.  “If you change your mind, I have everything set  up for you.  We will just move on with the rest of the service.  Just let me know.”  Things were lite again in T.’s eyes and he jumped up to the pulpit.   We all followed him up there.  So T.!!!  LOL



One thought on “Dedication Ceremony

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m glad T had the control given over to him, and chose to have the dedication. I hope he has good memories of it. Feeling like family means a lot to a lot of us!


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