Hiking with friends

We were even fortunate enough to see a Fae!!!

WE ventured out yesterday to a local hiking spot called Wolfe Park.  It was really serene with fake pond and gazebo with bench swings and picnic areas at the beginning of the trail.  It was raining, almost pouring when we arrived at the park.  It didn’t deter our plans.  Upon the arrival of Paula and Ben we played in the pond catching frogs and goldfish, then proceeded for our hike.  I can’t really hike for long distances anymore due to my declining health, but we went far enough to feel it.  The area was beautiful and the trail was well marked.  B. didn’t stop talking the entiore time so serenty flew out the window as soon as we began walking.  That was irrating.  T. followed directions pretty well and only got scared on our way back becuase we seperated from the group.  I really needed to get back to sit and drink some water.  When everyone made it back to the gazebo we brought out lunch and enjoyed a yummy and filling meal.  Afterward we brought the kids to Humbdingers for ice cream and a quick juant to our house for bathroom breaks and alittle lego fun.  I would have had more pics except my camera’s battery died shortly after we began the hike.  I did see some lovely little flowers and deer prints and mushrooms in the forest.

I was really excited about capturing a Fae with my camera that was hanging around Paula on our hike!  It was really exciting. We saw locations of Fae Mounds and offering sites and where they had been escpaing some fo the rain under some mushrooms.  It was really a magical hike.

For a summer solstice I have to say it was a successful day trip and so close to home.  It was so nice to be outside for most of the day.


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