My Birthday!

I went over to my folks house a few days after my birthday to have a little celebration with some of my favorite foods and cake.  We had a boiled dinner that couldn’t be beat and delicious frosting!  I love my moms frosting, I really don’t know why folks bother with the cake part. 😛  We stuffed ourselves silly then reviewed some photos from long ago.  Memory sharing is a pretty strong tradtition in my family and we pretty much do it at all family occasions and sometimes just because.   We came across some of my favorite pictures of my grandparents and uncles and cousins from long ago.  I really miss my great grandfather!  I was very fortunate to have a large family and one that was around me in their old age.  My children were even fortunate enough to have met several of their great great aunts and great great uncles and  great grandmothers before passing.  I wish they had the opportunity to have gotten to know them more, but at least they were able to meet them at all.  That is more than I can say for most families, I know.



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