This week…

This week we start of with simultanious events.  First we have Broome County Fair.  An all week event, with exhibit judgings occuring throughout.  First day meant having our two show chickens tested for Pullorrum and setting up their cages.  Second day consisted of bringing an enormous heavy display board and all the fixings to set up in the club display area, that will be judged this evening.  From now on, we must check on our birds daily and clean cages.  Not until Friday will the birds and children be judged for their handling and showmanship skills and bird conformation.  A bath will be in order for the birds again this week, somehow at the fair grounds.  Which means an hour of blow drying will be nescessary. Ugh!  I already did this once this week.  Lots of preperations had to be built and made and learned before getting this far, so I am glad we are getting to a point where I can clearly see the end point.  Fun, but exhausting.

Next we have Kopernik Science Center Summer Camp for B.  This place is almost an hour away from home.  Daily I must bring B. at 9am and pick him up at 3pm.  He does all sorts of neat stuff like builds volcanos, watches movies about Mars, goes fossil hunting and more.  He really enjoys this camp.  However for me, having this going on at the same time as the Fair, is not so fun.  I go through a half a tank of gas daily going back and forth to this and the Fair.  They are on Opposite ends of the county, diagonally!!  I don’t seem to have much time in between picking up and dropping off to live. 😛 

To get through this time, S. has begun taking the bus into work every day, so that commute has lessened dramatically.  We are still working on how to handle the commute home though.  I am already near his work after picking up B. from camp, but what to do for an hour in between picking up Steve?  It just hasn’t worked, yet.  We are trying to see if  busing it home makes any negative effects.  So far, no ill has come of it.

Tomorrow, we will be picking up the grandparents and all attending the Fair as part of the crowd.  We will go on rides and eat junk and see all the exhibits.  It will kill our budget for the month, but I have no other plans anyway. LOL  I think rest will be in order!

Here are some pics of the teens setting up the display today and T. cleaning out his birds cage.  There will more posted after tomorrows events.  The reason T. isn’t in the display setting  up pictures is due to him running all over in total manic phase talking with the carnies.  B. is obviously at camp.  So no day pictures of him until the weekend.  Looking forward to a couple contest the boys are going to be involved in this weekend.


One thought on “This week…

  1. Whew! You must be so relieved that it’s all over. How rewarding for the boys, though. Giving chickens a bath..hmmm…do they like getting a bath? LOL! 🙂

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