My NEW Spinning Wheel!

I just received a spinning a wheel.  My first ever!  I have been loving my drop spindles.  I have been scared of the wheel, since it moves so quickly.  I tried one wheel and I really didn’t like it at all.  It flopped all over and turned in the wrong direction.  I really was turned off at the prospect of using a wheel if it was anything like that.   Well, I had been paying close attention in my fiber meetings to notice that particluar wheel just really sucked and had nothing to do with the reality of quality made wheels.  I was particularly fond of the description of the Baynes double Treadle Wheel and research a little about it.  I knew that it was certainly not something I could really afford, but it was nice dreaming of it.  Well, SNAP!  A friend invited me over to go through some boxes of stuff she was getting rid of and dropped the bomb on me.  She was selling her wheel.  Before she got the rest of her sentence out I told her not to bother telling me about it, cause I have no funds for that kind of purchase.  Well, she knew just where to push my buttons.  Sympathy factor.  “I would really like it to go to someone I know and to someone who could really use it.”  Well, that got me to take a look at the type of wheel at least, thinking it was probably something I couldn’t figure out if you paid me, but BLAM right in front of me sits the Baynes I had been looking at.  I mean not just the type but the exact one!! I mean she purchased it from the folks I was looking at and everything!  I almost fell over.  I got very excited and new this was more than I could afford ever, but she said she would do payments for it!!!  Again, I almost fell over.  So in the car it went and off I drove home with the biggest grin on my face in a long time.  I was so overjoyed that I nearly filled a bobbin full of lace weight Icelandic dark brown single ply by the end of the evening.  I haven’t really stopped since.  I am still overwhelmed by the fact that I owe a friend a large sum of money, but damn I am so excited to own this little beauty!  I love it!!!


Recapture the summer

This summer seemed to last forever while in the midst of it, but as Fall weather creeps in a little early this year my perspective has changed.  It feels such a short time has passed.  Where did all my grand ideas go?  Weren’t we going to go swimming everyday?  How about bowling every week?  Hikes?  Playdates? I am sure we did some of what we planned but not nearly as much as I had thought we would.  There seemed to never be enough time not energy to do it all.

To recall this summer seems like a fruitful idea to me.  What did we do?

To kick off the summer: June; B. and his Friend Tim attended a Dungeons and Dragons event at a local gamer shop, while T. and his friend Ben swam in the local YMCA pool.  The next week T. was dedicated to the UU church and we attended a wonderful theater production at Hanger Theater, “The boys who could Talk to Penguins”.  That same weekend I and T. attended out first Spin-In Fiber Fest at the Black Bear Winery and checked out his horseback riding camps Open House.  The Third week in we celebrated my birthday and B. and T. and I, had a fun trail ride.  Every weekend we have tried to attend the Farmer’s Market at Otsingengo Park.  For a month or so, every monday we attended a Spinning/Fiber group.  The fourth weekend started of our week with a Recorder Recital by several homeschooling families.  B. was surprised when he was given the task/job of animal sitting for our Ministers family for two weeks.  Daily we traveled there to feed the animals.  The proved very fruitful for B.  T. that same week had a fun playdate with the Chens.  Every Wednesday we tried to attend our homeschool Playgroup that was strategically placed near large masses of water. 🙂  The end of June arrived with broiler chicks arriving in the mail and Homeschool Paperwork due to the Local school disctrict. 

July:  Started out with a yummy Tex-Mex Potluck.  Then off to MA we went.  Missing a Hanger Theater Production of Pinnocio was a bummer, but the boys had a great time with their father.  I met up with family and freinds that I hadn’t seen in what seemed ages.  The next week started with our first organized summer activity: Archery class.  That was super fun and ran every Sunday through mid August.  B. and a group of his friends spent an entire day playing D&D, while T. and Piran got to go to the big movie theater to watch WALL-E.  We spent the next day picking Raspberries with Grandma Adams and the evening with out 4-H club.  The next day T. got to have fun at a playdate with Ben.  All the third week T. was at Horseback riding camp.  The week ended with a big mandatory County Fair Grounds clean up day.  We attended the Summer Program of Religious Education almost every Sunday, in which I taught a few sessions.  The next week was extremely busy as B. was attending Kopernik Science Center Camp from 9am to 3pm daily and we had to show our Chickens at the County Fair.  That weekend ended with Chicken baths, Judging, ribbons and Rides.  I still feel like I haven’t receovered from that week. 

August:  First thing, S. left for Tennessee for a week.  That same day I was having a Potluck with the theme of Berries.  We spent to entire day picking blueberries and the evening eating all sorts.  The next week we attended out last 4-H Cluck Club Meeting by making Flan and exchanging pictures of the year.  We attended our second production at Hanger Theater, “Charlottes Web”.  Yeah Steve’s Home!  The third week consisted of a big Birthday party for the boys friend Avery,  an all day playdate with Piran for T. and another all day playdate with the Raynes, then swimming at Cole Park.  We even snuck in a dentist appointment.  Now we are up to date.  This week we plan on attending Les Miserables at Hanger Theater, going to playgroup, the Farmers Market, and possibly a Library run. 

Throughout all the summer happenings B. had Tae Kwon Do three days a week, I had a small group ministry meeting once weekly, Daily feeding of my Goats and Chickens, maintenance of my overflowing Garden, random visits with folks and a few lectures attended, preperation for schooling 2008-2009, reading books galore, a few new purchases, and some fun Ice cream runs!

We were busy but I guess I thought we would be more structured this summer.  We had fun times and hard times, but overall I say it was a good summer for all.  I hope it doesn’t end on such cold weather as we are having currently.  A few more days in the sun would be nice, especially for my tomatoe plants in which won’t ripen if not for some warmer days ahead. 

Going through my summer like this was fun and not as hard as I thought it would be.

Curricullum so far….

So far I have gathered the following resources for this years curricullum for third and seventh grade.  I am awaiting a few more sources to arrive via mail.  I am also still searching for many biographies and historical fictions for B. to read for the Middle Ages theme that carries through this year.  I will also be using The Story of the World vol. 1 and vol. 2 for both boys to enhance the already begotten resources for eaches historical time period theme.  I still have to purchase Vol. 2.  These are heafty expenses. T.s’ thematic units are related to Jewish history/Old Testament mythology and latter, Native American mythology.  I am ordering main lesson books through Paper Scissors and Stone.  I ordered the astronomy main lesson books and a caligraphy pen from Mercurius USA.  I will be trying to find a musical outlet for T.  He has been playing with the Piano for a while on his own, now, so I might see if he would like lessons.  Don’t know if that will turn him off from it, though.  B. is ever progressing with his guitar like crazy.  He is sounding really nice and coming up with some new sounds.  T. also needs a physical activity, but not sure what to persue.  I personally would appreciate a workout for myself somewhere squeezed in all this “for the kids” stuff.  I will be trying to plan out my year with B. this week.  His is more of a challenge for me.  I would really have preferred to have purchased an entire curricullum for Live Education for seventh grade to help organize it all, but I can’t afford such complete programs.  I will also be trying to keep track of credit hours this year for him.  Not sure how to go about this, but I am working on figuring that out. 

Third Grade:

Live Education: Weights, Time, and Measurement, Keepers of Life and Earth, Handwriting Without Tears; Cursive,  Little Garden; Journey Through Third Grade, Donna Simmons; Old Testament Unit.


Seventh Grade:

Live Education: Astronomy, Live Education: Beowulf, Making Math Meaningful by Jamie York, Roy Wilkenson Teaching History; Middle Ages, Donna Simmons; Middle Ages Unit, Chemistry for Class 7.

It is going to hopefully be a busy year.  I am trying to use Homeschool Tracker to help keep me organized.  This software is free online.  I used it for a short time last year, but my computer crashed and I lost all the data I had strored.  Hopefully, that won’t happen again.

This week we are going to Hanger Theater for our last show of the season.  Les Miserables.  It should be great!  We are going to try to make a day of it and spend the rest of the day hanging out in Ithaca.  I hope the weather will be nice.

Tennessee Knoxville Tradegy

This an audio file for the full service for the Rededication of the Knoxville Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

Earlier last week, this church was victimized by a Hate Crime.  A man entered into the congregation during a children’s production and shot several people and killed two.  This church is now reclaiming themselves for their mission of peace and love of all humans.