Curricullum so far….

So far I have gathered the following resources for this years curricullum for third and seventh grade.  I am awaiting a few more sources to arrive via mail.  I am also still searching for many biographies and historical fictions for B. to read for the Middle Ages theme that carries through this year.  I will also be using The Story of the World vol. 1 and vol. 2 for both boys to enhance the already begotten resources for eaches historical time period theme.  I still have to purchase Vol. 2.  These are heafty expenses. T.s’ thematic units are related to Jewish history/Old Testament mythology and latter, Native American mythology.  I am ordering main lesson books through Paper Scissors and Stone.  I ordered the astronomy main lesson books and a caligraphy pen from Mercurius USA.  I will be trying to find a musical outlet for T.  He has been playing with the Piano for a while on his own, now, so I might see if he would like lessons.  Don’t know if that will turn him off from it, though.  B. is ever progressing with his guitar like crazy.  He is sounding really nice and coming up with some new sounds.  T. also needs a physical activity, but not sure what to persue.  I personally would appreciate a workout for myself somewhere squeezed in all this “for the kids” stuff.  I will be trying to plan out my year with B. this week.  His is more of a challenge for me.  I would really have preferred to have purchased an entire curricullum for Live Education for seventh grade to help organize it all, but I can’t afford such complete programs.  I will also be trying to keep track of credit hours this year for him.  Not sure how to go about this, but I am working on figuring that out. 

Third Grade:

Live Education: Weights, Time, and Measurement, Keepers of Life and Earth, Handwriting Without Tears; Cursive,  Little Garden; Journey Through Third Grade, Donna Simmons; Old Testament Unit.


Seventh Grade:

Live Education: Astronomy, Live Education: Beowulf, Making Math Meaningful by Jamie York, Roy Wilkenson Teaching History; Middle Ages, Donna Simmons; Middle Ages Unit, Chemistry for Class 7.

It is going to hopefully be a busy year.  I am trying to use Homeschool Tracker to help keep me organized.  This software is free online.  I used it for a short time last year, but my computer crashed and I lost all the data I had strored.  Hopefully, that won’t happen again.

This week we are going to Hanger Theater for our last show of the season.  Les Miserables.  It should be great!  We are going to try to make a day of it and spend the rest of the day hanging out in Ithaca.  I hope the weather will be nice.


2 thoughts on “Curricullum so far….

  1. Oh I remember the feeling of tiredness after planning out curriculums! It’s been a little while since then and I’m back considering it again (as my 12 year old is back at home again). I have looked at Live Ed. and wondered and also at the Middle Ages unit that Donna has put together (I have a few of her books and have used them in the past when my older ones were home-educated).

    Well done for being ready to go 🙂

  2. Wow – I see why this has been all consuming for you. You must feel really organized now though. Good for you, this is hard on the head, I can only imagine!

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