My NEW Spinning Wheel!

I just received a spinning a wheel.  My first ever!  I have been loving my drop spindles.  I have been scared of the wheel, since it moves so quickly.  I tried one wheel and I really didn’t like it at all.  It flopped all over and turned in the wrong direction.  I really was turned off at the prospect of using a wheel if it was anything like that.   Well, I had been paying close attention in my fiber meetings to notice that particluar wheel just really sucked and had nothing to do with the reality of quality made wheels.  I was particularly fond of the description of the Baynes double Treadle Wheel and research a little about it.  I knew that it was certainly not something I could really afford, but it was nice dreaming of it.  Well, SNAP!  A friend invited me over to go through some boxes of stuff she was getting rid of and dropped the bomb on me.  She was selling her wheel.  Before she got the rest of her sentence out I told her not to bother telling me about it, cause I have no funds for that kind of purchase.  Well, she knew just where to push my buttons.  Sympathy factor.  “I would really like it to go to someone I know and to someone who could really use it.”  Well, that got me to take a look at the type of wheel at least, thinking it was probably something I couldn’t figure out if you paid me, but BLAM right in front of me sits the Baynes I had been looking at.  I mean not just the type but the exact one!! I mean she purchased it from the folks I was looking at and everything!  I almost fell over.  I got very excited and new this was more than I could afford ever, but she said she would do payments for it!!!  Again, I almost fell over.  So in the car it went and off I drove home with the biggest grin on my face in a long time.  I was so overjoyed that I nearly filled a bobbin full of lace weight Icelandic dark brown single ply by the end of the evening.  I haven’t really stopped since.  I am still overwhelmed by the fact that I owe a friend a large sum of money, but damn I am so excited to own this little beauty!  I love it!!!


2 thoughts on “My NEW Spinning Wheel!

    • Absolutely!!! I would love the jumbo flyer and bobbin set, as well as, to try the new Double Drive Baynes has developed!! I do however really want to get a Hitchhiker and a Schacht Matchless. Just cuz!! 🙂 I love spinning!!

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