Officially a Mother of a Teenager!

September 27th we celebrated my eldest sons 13th Birthday.  His actual birth date occurred earlier in the month, but we held off on the celebration until the 27th.  He had arranged for a full days worth of events.

First from 1pm through 5pm he would DM(lead) a Dungeons and Dragons game with all his friends age 10 and older.  This part of the day I thought was going to be crazy with screaming and rampaging of villages and such, but surprisingly it took another route through Temples with Golems and such to battle.  It was interesting to say the least.  He found this particular adventure on the site and I think from now on I will have to read the adventures prior to him using them, as at one point all the characters reversed genders and became naked!  LOL  It was really funny!    This ended early so a great game of Capture the Flag ended that session.  They ate lots of Little Pizza pockets and Soda!

For the next part of the day, we had all his friends from all ages join us in family fun with a rousing game of Double Board Twister and create your own cupcakes and lots of music making and board games.  Everyone ate and played.  It was so much fun for all the kids.  I have so much frosting left over!!

I was so grateful for all the families that were able to attend, and we  missed many families that were not able to make it.  We love sharing these special moments in our lives with our friends and family.

Here are some pics from the day.  Our camera chose this day to have its last working moments before joining the pile of broken electronics no longer worth fixing.  So limited pics.


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