Fire Safety Week

We left early in the morn to arrive at the PortCrane Fire Station with 150 other homeschooling families from the area.  We were introduced to the Chief who told us all sorts of facts about fire safety as well as what the colors of each helmet meant and what each persons job was as part of the fire department.  Then we broke off into age groups and had lots of fun learning more facts.

T. did a treaure fire safety hunt which  invovled him going into a variety of rooms and finding the different fire safety hazzards and components of safe equipment.  He had fun.  B. went off to learn about all the various fire satey equipment from history to current standard of fire gear.

It was a long day of playing and learning.  The children were able to crawl through and blow the horns and such of the fire trucks.  For the finale the fire man took the jaws of life and removed the top of a car and it’s trunk.

I don’t have a working camera right now, but my friend over at Mind Games took a shot of the group and one of T. in the truck.  Here they are:


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