Iron Kettle Farm

Third Grade:  I am starting to introduce building and farming and food producing(cheese) to T. this month.  We are upon the best season for finding local produce in our area.  Harvest festivals galore!  Yesterday, as a family, we went to Iron Kettle Farm in Candor.  What an expense!  but Oh so worth it!!  We were able to drive tractor bikes around a track and slingshot pumpkins and have a hay ride and go through spooky barns and pick out apples and pumpkins and oogle the crafts from local artisans and walk through their awesome “scarecrow” museum.   We had a blast and were exhausted by the end.  I wish I had my camera so I could share all the exciting fun and really neat ideas the farm shared with us to make our time really relaxing and enjoyable.  All the animals were stunning and the food was great.  I would easily go there as a an annual treat.

Beware: family of four cost approxmiately $60 not including food and purchases of apples and pumpkins or treats.


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