Nature Hike and Activity

Thursday we traveled to Greenwood park for a Nature walk and activity given by the Finch Hollow Nature center.  I love this park for its groomed trails and beautiful views.  It is my favorite one to visit with my boys.

We gathered with several families and proceeded to learn about animal prints and behaviors.  This included an important aspect about animal identification.  What are the circumstances in which you found the print?  Where were they?  If there are several animals with similar prints you can remove the ones that are not common to the area from your list of possible animals.  If they led to the base of a tree or towards a hole in the ground, take into consideration what animals are likely to behave in that manner.  It was really informative.  The kids took life size imprints and inked them on paper identifying them as they went with hints and pictures.  Afterward, the children were led through a trail.

The children found feces from two different animals, two garter snakes, two different types of frogs, learned to identify many trees and more.  They moved fast and kept the kids attention to the whole time.  This was a great experience.  Really wish we had a camera, but I will get some pics from the folks whom did at a later time to post here.

Edit:  Here is a pic taken by another parent:


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