Middle Ages lesson 1

So, I introduced B. to an overall picture of the Middle Ages on Monday.  I used several powerpoint presentations I found online, a few books from the library and the Story of the World chapters 1 and 2 audio.  I briefly described the feudal system and the importance of the church during that time period.  He freehand drew his first map of the Mediterranean/European continent.  Then I introduced him to Beowulf.  Since yesterday, Tuesday, was one of my days to recoup from emotional exhaustion, I allowed him to watch the movie Beowulf.  What a gory film!  He drew a picture of what he thought the “Hall” looked like from listening to the story on Monday.  I think for an intro lesson it went okay.  I am trying to find ways to come up with m ore fun and creative lessons, but most of the time that means more materials.  More materials equals more money.  Se Va!

Here are some pics of the work he did for this lesson in his Main Lesson Book:


One thought on “Middle Ages lesson 1

  1. Looks great! As much as JediBoy loves SOTW 1 this year, he *knows* that next year will be the middle ages. I’m going to keep my eye on you guys and totally use all your fun ideas! 🙂

    BTW, we have the Petrucha/Chamberlain graphic novel of Beowulf, which my English teaching sister recommended as the best interpretation of the original. JediBoy loves it – if B. would like to borrow it, he’s welcome!

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