What a great day and evening!

We enjoyed Lovely crepes for breakfast at our favorite restaurant, “Crepes Heaven”, then grabbed our donuts and cider from the Cider Mill, for the evening events.  I was spoiled rotten! by an expensive trip to the yarn shop!  Someone wanna come over and teach me how to make socks?!  Afterwards we began our carving.  We had many pumpkins to carve to set alight.  It was long and labourous but fun.  The results are too humorous.  We had our Dumb Supper of Hotdogs, Brown Bread, and baked beans.  Our animals went crazy over our offering plate we placed under a lovely evergreen tree.  We followed our meal with a ritual to leave past negative events behind us and wishes for this next new year.  After taking some time to digest dinner, we took out our apples and filled a bucket of water with purple koolaid mix and bobbed for apples.  Each year it is funny to note the kids forget the process needs full face immersion. LOL  Then we promptly moved onto bobbing for Donuts.  We hung them from a string and let each one have a turn to grab the donut with eyes closed and open mouths.  It is always a good laugh!  This year we didn’t bring out any divination tools, such as my tarot or did any rune making.  The atmosphere was different this year.  As S. prepared the labourous work of popcorn balls, I began our movie marathon with Alvin and the Chipmunks halloween shows and then onto Disney’s Hocus Pocus.  It was a good evening.  And of course, T. got sick at 1:45am that morn.  Totally predictable, as we encountered illness last Samhain as well, and we saw the cycle begin again that day.

Side note:  I would have had this all posted sonner, but we all fell to illness the next two days with the Flu.


5 thoughts on “Samhain!

  1. I’d be happy to help you learn to make socks, but I think the commute would be quite something!

    I like the carving pictures – I’m such a novice when it comes to carving anything and would probably lose a finger carving a pumpkin *sigh*

  2. I could teach you to make socks. I am making socks for the family for solstice. I have almost finished the 9 year olds and will start on the babies this weekend. I am in Ithaca, only 45 minutes!!! I host a craft night (stitch and B.) on Wednesday evenings and am open to travel too.

  3. Sounds like it was fun. I will keep some of your activities in mind for future years. This year was pretty low key since we were not home & tending to my mother’s effects.

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