Last Saturday, November 1st, T. decided he needed to go to the library to read to the dogs.  This was the same morning of illness, so he was not feeling well at all, but he really wanted to do this.  So we tried.   He liked the experience, but the dog wasn’t really suited for being read to.  It was both blind and deaf!  Kinda silly really.  The dog really wasn’t into it as I expected a trained listener would be.  Not that I had high hopes for this type of event, but I did at least expect the dog to be personable with the readers.  This one kept crawling into the womans arms to sleep.  There was not a whole lot of listening going on from anyone else either.  There were a couple of woman talking so loud the whole time, I, sitting five feet away from T. while he read, couldn’t make out his words.  It was not cozy or comfortable.  It was vacant of library peace and quiet that I expect.  Sad really.  T. didn’t seem to be disturbed too much, but he was concentrating on not throwing up at the time, so his judgment was a little skewed.  I think we will try again, as this occurs on both Thursdays and Saturdays.


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