St. Martin’s Day

Today is St. Martin’s Day all over Europe.  This year I decided to incorperate it into our studies.  Breifly, St. Martin was a Soldier who preferred the life of a Monk.  During his life he helped beggars, drunkards, poor,  homeless and anyone else he thought be in need.  There are many stories about his life and history behind a lot of it.  I researched online for quite a bit of information to present to the boys, and then followed it with a story written by Marsha Johson, a Waldorf teacher and founder of a school in the north western part of the US.  We created lanterns out of tissue paper, glue and balloons and had a feast of vienna sausages, mozzerella cheese and grapes, followed by blueberry dumplings.  It was delcious and fun.  Though this Saint is obviously of Christian origin, I was able to use it to show that no matter our values or faith we should always follow it, though not break any laws in the process.  We don’t share the Christian faith, but we do share the strength in our values and principles in such a way that this story can be relative.


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