Educational Games

We have many quick play games.  I am always purchasing some new 12 minute card game or something of that sort.  With T. being so resistant to formal studies, I have found that these games really help fill some gaps and increase some well needed skills.  Skills ranging from sequencing, matching, observation, and more.  The most important thing they help T. learn is following rules!  He wants to win regardless of the rules at all time.  Low self-esteem of what!?!  So, he tries to dictate rules he creates whilst we play.  Not gonna go there, in the midst of playing.  But I will allow taking a game and creating new rules for it prior to play to mix it up a bit.  Not to make it slighted for one side to win though.  Also, since some of these games mean slifting through your cards quickly, he is gaining better coordination with his hands.  He is really challenged by his disorganized card holding.  Similar to his usage with his pencils.  He is getting better and having fun.

I am posting the pics and info from the boxes of the few games we have been playing a lot this week.  I hope to make some of our own soon.  I have enough card stock to easily create our own.


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