Fried Turkey Day!!

Our Usual routine for Thanksgiving is to fry a turkey about a week prior to the day to test all equipment to make sure we are all set for the actual event.  Always yummy!  I guess I do like some testing. 😛  Anyway, we then bring our set up to our church and have a communal Thanksgiving dinner with about 50-70 other folks for the holiday.  I love it!  But this year, I am a little pooped on big gathering when it concerns dealing with T. and possible explosive episodes.  So, we are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner at home for the first time since we moved from Massachusetts.  I also decided I wanted to do a baked turkey, cause I love!! the smell of turkey cooking all day in my house.  It really sets the mood for me.  Well, with this plan set we realized we couldn’t have a year without Fried turkey either.  How we were we to fix the dilemma?  We certainly couldn’t cook both and eat them on the same day.  We decided we would have our normal test run, but with friends.  Our very own holiday in the making!!  Fried Turkey DAY!!!!!!!!  It was delicious and the company was fun and full!  Yeah!  They brought Pies!!  I ate until I was in so much pain I could not move for a half an hour, then gorged more on pie.  We then realized we still had to feed all the barn critters.  That was an excruciatingly painful experience.  So yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Fried Turkey Day!!

  1. Never tried fried Turkey. Jerome bought us a 17 lb. heritage breed turkey for our Thanksgiving thinking we would have guests, turns out it will just be the three of us, that would be about 5lbs. of meat for each of us!! That is a lot considering we are mostly vegetarians, I think maybe we should take it to the UU gathering…

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