We had fun with Science!

Saturday the 27th of December, we all took a trip up the Science Center in Ithaca, NY.  This trip was possible only due to our dear freinds, the Chens.  With their lovely holiday card we found two tickets to the museum.  We love going to the museum.  It is hands on and always has something new.

T. took off as soon as we got in the door and I only saw him sporatically throughout the few hours we were there.  S. and B. on the other hand played with everything!  I got lots of pictures.  But as you will notice, S. I think had the most fun out of all of them. hehe

After our time at the museum, we hung out in the commons looking in some of our favorite stores, “AlphebetSoup” which carries many Waldorf Friendly materials, including Stockmar products and german made board games, and “Lets Get Cooking”, which has all sorts of great and sometimes unique cooking utensils, cookware and appliances.  We also enjoy the Used Book Store which has two floors of books floor to ceiling and they are all used and inexpensive.


Mass Amounts of Greed

We opened out presents on the 25th of December this year.  Not our usual, as we celebrate the Winter Solstice, but this year S. was out of town for a wedding and since my parents celebrate Christmas, I figured it couldn’t hurt to do all on one day.

My parents arrived at my home at 1am, after midnight mass and promptly passed out.  Thankfully, since presents had been sitting under the tree all week, I was not awakened before dawn this year.  T. had taken it upon himself to play in the snow outside in the morning till we all awoke.  Around 7:30ish we all dragged ourselves into the Living room.  From that point on, it is all a blur.  I only have these pictures to remind of the event as I was still in Coma status throughout most of the morning, until Breakfast around 11am.  We had yummy waffles!  You’ll see why below.

Everyone enjoyed their copiious amounts of stuff and fun was to be had for the remainder of the day by having our Movie Marathon.  All movies having to do with this particular holiday have been consumed for the last week and that day was the pinnacle of our marathon with several goodies, such as “The Christmas Story” and “HogFather”.

We made captive of my parents for a couple more days before releasing them back out into the wild.  They enjoyed themselves, I think.

Enjoy the faces of pure glutuny and greed below!  Hope you holidays were bright and blessed with much love!

Blessed Yuletide!

Sadly, we are without S. on this very special day of the Lights return, so we woke to find gifts from Father Winter, but we are holding off until Thursday when S. will be home and rested and my parents will over to share in the unveiling of greed.  But until then we get to look at our lovely tree with beautiful gifts wrapped underneath.  This will be a challenge for the boys as they really want at least to get into their stockings, but so far so good!

A Blessing for all Folks celebrating with us on this most Magical of days!

Did I mention our day started with T. waking at 3:30am to see if Father Winter had left the presents under our tree or was going to wait until Thursday when they were allowed to open them. LOL  As if Father Winter runs on our schedule! 😛

Holiday Party!

Saturday night we ventured out in the snow to visit out dearest friends the Raynes family!  Every year they hold a lovely winter holiday party for all their friends!

The children had a gift exchange that was filled with great excitement and trading! LOL  There was so much food, I was full before I got to the dessert table.  Not that it stopped me from chowing down a few raw chocolate macaroons!!!  Everyone brough lovely food and happy smiles.  The drinks were delicious and the hosts could not be better!!

The adult gift exchange is always something to look forward to.  A sporting event not for the faint hearted!  We all create homemade gifts, nothing store bought.  Everyone is so clever and crafty in our circle of friends you never know what you are going to discover upon opening the gifts.  It can get ruthless is this game but it is all fun!!  The rules of the game are simple.  Take a number and go around picking a gift from the pile.  However, if someone wants your gift they can choose that and forfiet opening a gift from the pile.  Of course, the now empty handed person gets another turn to steal or open a new gift.  This can take quite a long time and lasts until the very last gift is opened. You will notice several times in the pictures that follow from the party and the gift exchange several people seem to have the same gift in their hands.  Let me assure you all the gifts wrapping and such were all unique.  The particular gifts seen repeatedly are ones that were stolen many times. LOL

Enjoy the pictures.  They could never compare to all the fun we had!

4-H Fun!

Saturday morning we slept in very late. So when we all awoke it was time to get out and start our day! We had breakfast with Santa at the 4-H building hosted by the TAG 4-H group. It was yummy pancakes and sausage. Very relaxed and Santa was great to chat with.

4-H Dog group gathered Saturday to make Dog biscuits and fill baskets for three of the local dog shelters in our area. After completing the messy task of doggie biscuits and the fun filling baskets with collars, treats, shampoos, etc… we adjourned to a conference room to view the dog trials from the 4-H State Fair from this summer. It was fun to watch the dogs parade around with people dressed up for different themes and music.