Help Save Our Handmade Toy Industry!   visit this site to learn more and research for yourself the impact of the new guidlines for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  It was intended to protect us from the toxins placed upon toys from foreign companies, but instead of being specific they made general sweeping legislation that has begun a downward spiral effect on our handmade toys that are quality inspected and actually have higher standards than our own, to pull away from the American market.  It is not cost effecient.  I hope that with enough attention given to this Act that improvements will be made to fix this issue.  I would hate to loose access to the lovely handmade wood toys from germany.


2 thoughts on “Help Save Our Handmade Toy Industry!

  1. It’s a shame because the big importers (China) will probably find ways around much of it, whilst the really quality stuff will be banned. That’s generally the way this kind of thing works, anyway. I would absolutely *love* to hear that Wal-Marts toy shelves are all but empty due to the ban, though 😉 Not a big Wal-Mart fan (can you tell?)

    • I have been boycotting Walmart for over 5 years now, so I am on the same wave length you are on. I am so worried that we really aren’t going to get the changes needed before this ban really makes its impact felt upon us who really love the more natural products for our families. I will do what I can, in the meantime.
      Thanks for reading my post, I read yours regularly!

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