Knitting at Barnes and Noble

Last night, whilst feeling much more functional I attended a Ravelry Knitting Group at B&N.  I have been attending for a few weeks and really like the folks there.  They are all interesting and funny.  They are also extremely kind and helpful.  I am very fortunate to have found these folks to play with all my fiber with.

Last night was the Holiday Gift Exchange.  This was planned before I began attending so I got to take pictures and watch rather than have to worry about picking out a gift in my well over drawn budgeted way.  Here are the pics from last night.  I got there when about half the ladies had already exchanged gifts.


2 thoughts on “Knitting at Barnes and Noble

  1. Oh! Stumbled across your post… We have a group that meets at our branch of NY state Barnes and Nobles every Monday Morning… A gift exchange is scheduled soon. We can be so noisy at time, I’m surprised they put up with us!

    Btw… love your blog!


    • That is so great!! Definitely loud! We are thinking of putting up a permanent work station at B&N and reserving our seats with a knitting guard on staff at all times.
      That way we can use our group swift, and ball winder and such any time of the day. 😛 LOL LOL


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