Old Testament Lessons

This week we have gone over Noahs Ark and Tower of Babel in my lessons for T. in the Old Testament Main lesson.  After telling the story of Noahs Ark, we discussed the importance of animals for our existence.  Then I brought out our watercoloring supplies, to paint the scene of the Flood.  After painting our pictures we then tackled very challenging word finds.  We had to help each other to find all the words, there were not easy!

Today, I quickly read him the story of  “The Tower of Babel”.  Last week, I began creating bricks of oven bake clay i prep for this.    I caught him whilst he was playing with dungeons and dragons figures, so I encouraged him to create his own Tower of Babel.  He did a great job!  He even incorperated the story within his play after building the tower.  He had several of his characters not being able to understand each other.  It was rather amusing to watch.


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