Contest Winner!

B. entered a contest, unbenounced to me, several weeks ago through a gaming type magazine called, “Game Trade Magazine”.  I got a call last week asking for B. and immediatly went on alert, as I didn’t recognize the voice.   ” I am his mother.” was my reply.  He asked to confirm his address since he had entered the contest and was sending his prize to him.  I was kinda in shock and gave him our information, that could only be easily gotten from the phone book, but nothing more invasive was asked.  I told B. about this call and he was very excited, but I notified him it might not be real, who knows.

Well, today B. got a package in the mail!  Addressed to him and everything!!  It was his prize!!  Yeah for GTM!!         Don’t ask me what these are.  They are boy toys and I know nothing!  I was just happy for him. 🙂


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