Wanna see what I was up to this evening….?

We had a friend butcher our chickens a couple weeks ago and when we picked them up, he notified us that he was butchering two lambs the next weekend and asked us if I wanted the skins that have full fleeces upon them.  YEAH!!!!!!

I got them last weekend and salted one skin and saw that the other fleece was unusable for me.  I let it sit outside for a week while it was too cold to pull the fleece for long periods of time.  Until today!! A miracle heat wave is hitting my area after much freezing rain.  This evening whilst S. was cooking dinner, I got to work.  My hands are a little sore, but this fleece is beautiful and free!!!!  I separated it into lightly dirty and heavily dirty piles.  I am so excited to have that finished.  Was thinking on tanning it in the spring.  It is small so manageable for a first project of tanning.  Will take off the last icky stomach crud fleece tomorrow that I couldn’t get off tonight before dinner.

Here are some pictures of me in the process.  I can’t wait to see how this cleans up and spins up!  I wish I knew what kind of lamb it was.  The crimp on the hair is just beautiful!!


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