Playdate fun!

On the 16th of Jan.  we had some friends over for a playdate!  T. and O. came over and played for several hours.  L. had to do an errand and I got to play with the kids.  O. is a genius with legos!!!  His creation whilst here was amazing.  He created a draw bridge.  It worked!!  B. and T. played T. making battle scenes from the bounty of unpainted D&D miniatures the boys received this Solstice and a rousing game of Munchkin.  The Munchkin game took lots of set up, due to the fact they were using two separate types and combining them using special set to organize the two.  It was a complicated task, but they managed to pull it off.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to spend some time with L.  I don’t get to do that much, and I really like her, so it was especially nice for me.  Good day all around.


Binghamton Senators!!!!

On the 17th of Jan.  We ventured on a quest to see a Hockey game.  Getting the tickets were a drag. The online service kept giving only the highest row seats and the same with the automated phone service.  So after many tries to get seats that won’t send me into an anxiety attack, I said “Fine!  I’ll sit up there!  I need to see a game.”  So we took the seats, even though I knew I was gonna freak.  Well, I didn’t know just how bad it was going to be up there in Nosebleed land.  The side I was picturing of the arena when purchasing said tickets had box seats behind us.  The side we were seated at had a railing and a gaping cavern to the first floor behind us.  So I couldn’t turn left or right cause I would have an instant vertigo attack that would set off my anxiety attacks.  It was entertaining to say the least.  Especially when people had to squeeze by us and we needed to hold the railing to move out of the way.  None-the-less, I was freaking out the whole time.  Sinking in my seat, drinking as much beer as I could possibly consume in the short time, and munching on everything passed my way, trying not to move or cry.

Other than that, the Game ROCKED!!!  So many fights!!!  Yes, that is the really good part of hockey!  Within the first minute of the game they had the biggest fight I had seen in many years!!!!  During half-time, a kid got to shoot a puck through a five inch whole in the goalie net and the little kids DID IT!!!  He won $1000 for it!  Apparently, from what others have said, it had not been won in a long time.  There was lots of great plays and fast moving young players.  good game all around!

Winter and Yarn Porn

January has sluggishly gone by and I have not really been motivated to hurry it along. Been a hermit for the most part and playing with Fiber in all forms.

Here is a little yarn porn for you all. I dyed my first merino spun two ply yarn. I am sending this out to a friend in Cali, whom is going to crochet me a surprise. It is going to be great!
I simply took several packets of koolaid. Mixed them in hot water. Soaked my yarn in hot water and vinegar mixture. Then squirted the dye in the water on top of soaked yarn and heated in microwave for a really long ass time till all the water appeared to have no more koolaid dye left in it. Rinsed and hung to dry.

Preparing for Valentine’s Day! Fiber!

I have been felting for a week straight. I am trying to be prepared for our homeschooling Valentine’s Day exchange. I want the boys to have these really cute felted heart valentines to share with their friends. Everyone knows the candy hearts with the random words, like “Love”, “sweet”, “kiss”, “cute” and such. Well, I am simply recreating these candies in felt, but bigger, of course.

Here is the process: Using wool dyed in various colors, red, white, purple, etc. I take a tuft of wool and stuff it in my heart cookie cutter. I then proceed to needle felt it into shape. I need to remove the cookie cutter and pull the heart off the foam and flip it over at least once to make sure I have felted all the wool to the thickness and stiffness that I want. This varies for everyone. I am making these for children so I want them to be really tightly felted and firm. After the initial form has been felted I take the needle and start to define it’s shape further by needling the indent of the heart and around the edges to clean up loose wool. When I figure out exactly how I am going to get the words on I will post that. So far, I have tried to needle felt embroidery floss and that didn’t work. Then I tried my burly spun yarn and that was great but too thick and big to fit a whole word on the heart. I might spin up some of my Ramboulett wool into a single thick yarn and use that or try to sew the lettering using the embroidery floss. Don’t know how to sew letters but I think I can figure it out. Anyway, I will post what I find works for me later.

Catch the Rabbit!!!!

Rabbit Pot Pie:

8-10 oz. corn and peas mixed
1/3 cup butter
1/3 cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup chopped onion
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 3/4 cup chicken broth
2/3 cup milk
2 1/2 – 3 cups cut up cooked rabbit(slow boil rabbit 30-40 minutes)
Pastry for 9 inch two crust pie

Heat butter in sauce pan over low heat until melted, stir in flour, onion, salt, pepper. Cook, stirring constantly until bubbly. Remove from heat, stir in chicken broth and milk. Heat to boiling, stirring occasionally. Boil and stir 1 minute, add rabbit and veggies.

Line bottom of 9″x9″ ungreased pan with rolled out pastry. Pour rabbit mixture in lined pan. Place another sheet of pastry over top. turn over edges and flute. Cut slits in pastry. Bake at 425 degree until golden brown, about 35 minutes.
Serves 6-8


Think! Challenge- People

This weeks Think! Challenge: People =

Use the following to make a person, preferably one that can stand or sit.

a handful of pretzels (any size or shape)
3 marshmallows
13 m&ms
3 pieces of gum
1 candy of your choice

I won’t post my pics as they will be posted to this site with the many other results from participating families, but I wanted to mention that we have so much fun doing these projects.  They are usally not time intensive and can be done in just a few minitues.  It suites our spontaneous learning moments quite well.  Of course, my boys enjoy the ones that use food, the best, but they are all really creative challenges that help kids use some well needed problem solving and critical thinking skills, all the while having fun doing it.

I think the best part is that the kids get validated for their work by seeing their pictures and creations posted on another website.  They think that is really cool.  When mom posts pictures, it is just corny.

We had fun with this one and some serious challenges to creating standing figures.  It was a great experience.  I look forward to seeing all the other creations from this challenge.