Fiber Fantastic!!!

This is a little record of the fiber fun I have been having as of late.  I have:

One skien of 84 yrds of Merino top two ply.  It is so small since it was left over from a bobbin I filled, but have yet to finish.

One Full Bobbin of two ply Merino Top, still on the Bobbin.

One Skien of single, 61 yards of various fibers,  that was given to me by Twiggi34 with the Drop Spindle.

Currently Spinning:

Alpaca, dyed cremesicle orange on my Baynes Spinning Wheel on my Twiggi34 Spindle

Felting News:

I finished my Angel from the November posting Fiber Fun, .  I had actually finished it before the Soltice but forgot to post the new picture.  It will be sent away to a special friend soon as a gift of Gratitude.

I have some lovely loosly curled Wendslydale Locks dyed an electric Blue that I will be spinning as soon as I finish the Orange Alpaca currently on the wheel.  You have to wait to see that! 😛

Enjoy the Fiber Porn!


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