Think! Challenge- People

This weeks Think! Challenge: People =

Use the following to make a person, preferably one that can stand or sit.

a handful of pretzels (any size or shape)
3 marshmallows
13 m&ms
3 pieces of gum
1 candy of your choice

I won’t post my pics as they will be posted to this site with the many other results from participating families, but I wanted to mention that we have so much fun doing these projects.  They are usally not time intensive and can be done in just a few minitues.  It suites our spontaneous learning moments quite well.  Of course, my boys enjoy the ones that use food, the best, but they are all really creative challenges that help kids use some well needed problem solving and critical thinking skills, all the while having fun doing it.

I think the best part is that the kids get validated for their work by seeing their pictures and creations posted on another website.  They think that is really cool.  When mom posts pictures, it is just corny.

We had fun with this one and some serious challenges to creating standing figures.  It was a great experience.  I look forward to seeing all the other creations from this challenge.


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