Binghamton Senators!!!!

On the 17th of Jan.  We ventured on a quest to see a Hockey game.  Getting the tickets were a drag. The online service kept giving only the highest row seats and the same with the automated phone service.  So after many tries to get seats that won’t send me into an anxiety attack, I said “Fine!  I’ll sit up there!  I need to see a game.”  So we took the seats, even though I knew I was gonna freak.  Well, I didn’t know just how bad it was going to be up there in Nosebleed land.  The side I was picturing of the arena when purchasing said tickets had box seats behind us.  The side we were seated at had a railing and a gaping cavern to the first floor behind us.  So I couldn’t turn left or right cause I would have an instant vertigo attack that would set off my anxiety attacks.  It was entertaining to say the least.  Especially when people had to squeeze by us and we needed to hold the railing to move out of the way.  None-the-less, I was freaking out the whole time.  Sinking in my seat, drinking as much beer as I could possibly consume in the short time, and munching on everything passed my way, trying not to move or cry.

Other than that, the Game ROCKED!!!  So many fights!!!  Yes, that is the really good part of hockey!  Within the first minute of the game they had the biggest fight I had seen in many years!!!!  During half-time, a kid got to shoot a puck through a five inch whole in the goalie net and the little kids DID IT!!!  He won $1000 for it!  Apparently, from what others have said, it had not been won in a long time.  There was lots of great plays and fast moving young players.  good game all around!


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