Bubbles at the Discovery Science Center

Wednesday was an all around good day.  We were busy.  T. and me picked up our friends ST and Piran for some Bubble fun at the Discovery Center.  We arrived and were given a presentation on bubbles and states of matter and definitions of the word solution.  Then we were allowed several hours of playing with all the exhibits.  The boys favorite was the built in play “Giant” grocery store.  There were many kids and they all handled themselves pretty well.  It was fun to catch up and meet some homeschooling friends as I have been secluding my family for quite some time from group activities this year, since sickness seems to be an ongoing theme with everyone.

Afterward, we picked up B. and we all went to playgroup.  Playgroup was held at the Berean Bible Church in Greene, NY.  The gym was good to run around in and the kids hopefully didn’t make too much of a mess of the toys in a closet they found open.  I got to walk the circumference of the gym to help work off the soreness from the NYC trip.  It was really nice.  I miss seeing those folks regularily but winter is just no my time of year to venture out often.  I hate sickness and I hate the cold.


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