Fiber Happenings!

I was fortunate enough to have purchased several different types of fiber last month so that in February I can play with my wheel a lot!

I absolutely love the two Ugly batts that I purchased from Paradise Fibers.  Great colors and really neat textures.  for those who might not know what an Ugly batt is…an Ugly Batt is fiber left over from folks whom create beautiful colorways at an exact weight and what to do with an ounce here and there of fiber?  Well, gather them all up and make a batt with them all to sell! of course.


I love my 1# of White Rambouilett and the Wild Sage batt(Alpaca/Silk/Wool) from Crystal Creek fibers.  Oh my god! Soft!  I never knew silk could get everywhere just by looking at it!  LOL


I took off a single I had sitting on one of my bobbins for quite some time now.  It is very fine and course, but smooth.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it.


A Stones Throw Artisan Shop has great deals on their fiber, so I snatched up 1# of White SuperWash Merino and 4 oz. of White Silk Top.


A local alpaca farm, Nyala Farm ( sold me some great Wendslydale locks from an older ewe, dyed blue.  The crimp and curls are much looser than from an younger sheep or lamb.  Really beautiful!


From the Skin of the Lamb I received from my butcher I was able to pull a paperbag full and half of lovely looking crimpy wool.  I have no idea what kind of lamb it was and don’t really care.  I will wash it soon, but still have some other fiber errands to run first….


I received two large leaf bags full of Alpaca fleece.  Unwashed, unprocessed.  I have been sitting on this stuff since last summer.  I am n ot going to be able to wash all this myself and card it.  So, I decided to send it out to get processed at a Fiber Mill.  It is costly, but I think it will be worth it upon its return.  I need to change the measurements from grams to pounds, but not tonight. 😛


On the First of February a local fiber shop held a Fiber Bowl.  It consisted of great deals on mill ends and other beautiful fibers and such.  I went with four other ladies from  my area and we each brought our wheels.  We sat from 12noon till 4pm in the afternoon ooohhhing and aaahhhhing and feeling all the fibers whilst spinning.  I met up with many of my friends from our local area.  Some I had not seen since last Summer at the Black Bear Winery’s Spin-in.  It was great to catch up with everyone there.  I also was able to steal a moment with Norm Hall(spinning wheel maker) to ask about making me a spinning stool to higher specs than those currently out there.  Since he had just checked his answering machine that had been full since December, he vaguely remembered my phone call. LOL  Gotta Love Norm!  He is on his own time.  It was a blast to see everyone and get to devote my time to spinning as I don’t get to do that often enough.  While I was there I picked up 8 oz. of White Bamboo and 8 oz. of a nice Fine Wool/Silk mix in a reddish-purple colorway.  No pics yet of that.

I went home that night to watch the SuperBowl with my kids and S. and their grandparents.  We had tons of yummy food, thanks all to S., of course.  A great day all around!!


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