NYC trip

The reason that my parents were here for the SuperBowl was so they might stay the night and watch the children so that I could go with ST and MB to NYC for the day.  It would be my second time going to the city, ever.  I was very excited!  We walked everywhere!  It was fun but by the end of the day I was so sore I could barely move with out crying.  I loved IT!!!

We had to take care of some business for MB, then we could play the rest of the day exploring all her favorite areas and old stomping grounds.  Myself and ST, left the leader role to MB, as she was the only one who knew here way around.  It was fun seeing the old places that she used to live and the stores she used to patronage.  We found new ones along the way, too.

MB found the strangest damn thing to do to her face I have ever seen.  It is like getting your eyebrows plucked but it is done with a thread.  The strangest damn thing I ever saw!!!


We then had snackies at this tiny little crepe shop!  Yummmmmmmyyy!!!!


We walked and walked and walked!  Of course it turned out to be lovely weather, so the three layers of clothing, not including my heavy winter jacket was really weighing me down.  I stopped twice to remove articles of clothing to ease the burden. LOL  And!  I stupidly had coffee on the way in to the city, so had to go pee every few minutes and fight of the nausea that comes along with me drinking caffinated drinks.  Oh yes!  I was brilliant.

We went to Chinatown and enjoyed a cup of tea from one shop and a nice Reflexology treatment from another.  We also were able to stock up on my fave chinese goodies at a grocery store.  I love Daifuku and Mochi!!  They are yummy rice cakes filled with sweet red bean or sesame pastes.  I can never get enough.  Also several types of dried plum and haw treats that I used to have frequently as a youth.  I was in heaven in that grocer.


My reflexology treatment hurt like hell and my toes even cramped up while she was cramming her knuckles in to the base of my foot!  OW!  It seemed everywhere we went folks needed to strike up some conversation with me and try to sell me something ridiculously priced.  I got accosted from the tea lady due to the type of tea I choose.  I just had to know all about the winter tea and must get this $110 bag of freaking tea.  NOT!  Then at the reflexology treatment I was told how very toxic and fat I was, so I needed a bag of detox/reducing weight tea for $34 a bag.  HAHAHAHA   It was hysterical!  I obviously have sucker written on my forehead.

Our next stop was in a little weird shop dedicated to Evolution.  I cannot say I enjoyed this shop like I thought I would.  All I kept thinking was there is no way you can’t over harvest and be ethical in collecting this many objects in a shop like this.  It was filled with fossils and bones and butterfly’s and skeletons.  Skeletons of fetus’s, ew!  Beautiful butterfly’s mounted by the hundreds!  etc… not cool.  I wanted to let everything free!!  If you know what I mean.  


We ventured further out to a lovely Tea shop and each had a little treat, green tea cupcake and steamed caramel cake, for a boost.  then headed out to find Trader Joe’s.  Wow!  When we did find Trader Joe’s it was so packed they had a line wrapped around the back of the isles in the store.  We got out quick.  Not worth the wait.  Crazy busy!  We headed toward where the car was parked, but still had some places to hit.  We stopped at the Greek deli and CupCake shop to see great yummies and to pick up our dinner to go at a salad shop.  It was all good.  Going home was surprisingly easy considering we hit prime traffic hours.  Though we did get caught in a yucky snow storm on the way home that had me on edge most of the way home.  I am definitely going again and will study the bus system before I do!  LOL  I also would like to focus on just a couple of areas and really go in and out of every shop to explore them all.  It was a fun day with the gals and thank MB for initiating it and driving!


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