An Almost Great Monday!

Today there were plans galore for lots of activity and many friends. We got some of that, but not quite on the terms I was expecting.
Our original plan:
-Have JR and girls come over, so that we could spin the morning away
– Have LC arrive with the boys and we all commence with yummy Split Pea soup goodness!
– LC proceeds with giving me my first official knitting lesson whilst the boys play.

It was a simple and good plan. But, then I tried to leave my house for some extra yummies at the grocer and found myself sliding very quickly down a thick sheet of ice, called my driveway. Before I could possibly slide into the ditch of road(into oncoming traffic) I ran the car into a snow bank to stop us from going down further. Our studded snow tires…useless. They leave very pretty lines in the ice to mark our path, but that is about it. We carefully slid back to our porch in dismay. If I couldn’t get out of my driveway, there was no way anyone was getting in my driveway. Plans put asunder! 😦
After relaying this message to both parties, I became rather depressed. But luckily for me, LC came through with a plan so that only half of my day was put off. Her and the boys did join us in my captivity, by parking at the very end of my drive and taking the dangerous walk up to our house from there. It was good.
Lunch was good. I had begun baking Banana Bread in the morning so had two loaves, ready. I warmed up some muffins I made this summer with my fresh picked raspberries that I put in our freezer. I has cheese and crackers and naan and hummus and some tuna salad. I also, with B.’s help put together some fresh squeezed lemonade for us too. We didn’t have any of that though, now that I think about it.
Then onto my lesson. I picked out a cute pattern for a scarflet, called the Tiny Tippet from Issue 6. It has knit2to, and yarn overs, and slipped stitches, all of which I avoid like the plague since I really need hand holding to understand all that stuff. It was an hour into the lesson and I finally cast on the right amount of stitches and began the first row of the pattern and it was time to leave. We will pick up again where we left off on another day.
I didn’t get to have it all, but I did get to have some serious goodiness to my day. That makes me smile.
Now, if only I could get my kids as excited about learning as I am. T. is avoiding all school work and B. thinks everything is a huge drudgery. Oh hum….
I am still having a good day. 😛


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