One of those days…

Today I started out feeling kinda crappy since I hadn’t been able to sleep well the night before. Then to make matters worse I choose today to push lots writing on T. today for school work. His avoidance of any work finally got me to push back very hard, so when it comes to school work I hope he will feel it won’t even compare to how miserable I made him today. Think it will work? Probably not, but one can have hope, right? First, he needed to write out his valentines cards for the Valentines Day party we have scheduled for playgroup this Wednesday. That took the morning to complete. I do mean the entire morning since there was lots of screaming and running around and such to get him to sit down and put pencil to paper.
In the meantime, B. needs to catch up with some Fraction work, so I plopped him with his chores and his fractions workbook from Key to Curriculum and said get as much as you can get done.
T. completed the names list and went on to his next fit over having more school work. I picked out a worksheet from each subject for him to complete. After trying to help him discover a position that did n’t hurt his back whilst writing and coming up with nothing, it was back to having a fit and then back at the table to complete the work.
While T. was working I was sewing the Valentine cards to the felted Hearts. They are very cute.
Chores completed and 10 pages later, I called B. out for lunch. We had an extended lunch while I set up some educational videos for us to watch.
First, Standard Deviants Grammar: Verbs. After that, I set up “The Laws of Algebra”, and last but not least, Standard Deviants Pre-Algebra. We have gone through most of the pre-algebra study before, but I know we need some fine tuning and this might have been the best ideas I ever had to figure out what we need to go over. B. finished watching and immediately said we needed to cover negative and positive integers. I quickly scavenged the Internet for the rules for all the applications and worksheets to practice on. These videos were good for T., too, even though they are advanced they tend to go over the basics as well. In T.’s math today we focused on Multiplication and Commutative/Associative properties involved in the simple problems we worked with. He liked seeing it shown on the screen like that.
After all this, B. took up his Valentines list and T. went outside to play.
Of course, B. was playing his guitar between any and all breaks he had. Now he is off to his Tae Kwon Do class. Myself and T. are home for the evening, since it was not an easy day and don’t need to put myself through anymore outside stressers like keeping track of T. in Barnes and Nobles.
Well, I am pooped and heading for bed soon. Hope your day was filled with less explosiveness than mine. Blessings.


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