After the candy and chocolate high from Wednesday of last week, it was pretty clear that some time to detox was necessary.  I was hoping to make it out to a lovely local museum with the homeschooling Co-op, but after many tantrums and such throughout the morning, it was obvious, that excursion was not going to happen.   I flickered on and off the tele for various reasons through the last several days and even though it exasperated the already constant obsession with the screen, it eased my days while dealing with the ups and downs of T.  I stuck hard and fast to our school work and even though that drained me off much energy and patience, I think it was for the better.  I have continued focusing B. on the Fraction workbooks from Key To… and that has dramatically increased his ability to handle multiplication facts to be  much faster and more proficient.  I am very pleased.  I need some help with guiding him to better writing composition, thought.  Will continue research options available to me.  T. has been fighting tooth and nail to get five pages from the thick workbooks Comprehensive Curriculum Plus Test Practice, Grade 3 and 2
by School Specialty Publishing.  I choose a page from each subject and we just try to get through them.  He has completed most of grade 2 book, and now we are entering the grade 3 book starting with Math(multiplication and review).  He remembers the processes but is horrible with his math facts.  Today, I was very pleased that to begin our worksheet practice he choose to bring out his wonderful Cursive book to practice with first.  I was very pleased as I knew this is something he can easily get praised for.  He has horrible hand writing any other time, but with cursive, he is great!  I don’t push this work on  him, since I know he will only push back and cursive will go down the toilet as did hand writing.  He really likes working with Handwriting Without Tears and so do I.  We have fun playing with the Magic C bunny that is created out of a cloth/paper napkin to help guide him. (and makes fun of his mother)  Today we got through almost all the worksheets for today with out having any fighting!  It only flared when he choose the order of his work and left the most writing necessary paper for last. And they was no stopping afterward as he had to do another horrible and cursed thing after finishing his already painful dreadful worksheets. He had to shower. 8I  To him, this is torture that occurs daily and sometimes several times daily.  He was not happy to move through the last page, but he did and was very proud of himself for getting it all done.  All of it before lunch.

T. also took it upon himself to learn to knit yesterday.  I took out my large needles which already h ad the beginning of a project started for him to learn on and had him pick up where I left off.  I didn’t want him to deal with casting on, so this was good.  As of today, he has knit 20 stitches across the needle. He is so pleased with himself!!  I am pleased too!  Another thing about T. is that he loves activities and a book filled with activity ideas is gold to him.  I just received out Story of the World Volume three Activity Book and I had it in my hands for all of twenty minutes before it was absconded with by T.  He has already spray painted dog food to make it look like Gold from the story activity Fool Gold and Gold Fever from the Gold Rush era, and colored in two sheets of the Hatian flag taped them together and taped them to a rod to create a flag that he posted in our yard.  What this was about I have no idea.  I haven’t read the history section of what that was about.

B. has taken it upon himself to write out some of the music he has composed.  Thankfully, I was prepared for this to happen and had already ordered some manuscript paper from Mercurius with my Main Lesson books.  He is filling it out like crazy. I wonder if it makes sense to anyone but him.  I will test that with my musician friends soon.

I have been struggling to find something in my ability level and funky for my Dr. Seuss Swap through the Odd Duck group on Ravelry to gift my secret partner.  I will find something. I do have one idea and even bought the pattern for it.  It is a crochet hat, but the gauge is so thick I am having atough time finding yarn to do the job and choosing what colors to use for it.    I have also been knitting up a storm on my Tiny Tippet and Three Scarf Rauna.

One obscure passion of mine is eating asian food.  I grew up in a major city until I was 7 years of age and were surrounded by families from all sorts of asian ancestry.  That gave me some incredible eating experiences.  Have you ever eaten a grey booger from a newspaper on the floor?  I thought not. But that was my first experience eating snails!! YUMMY!!!  Right now, I am having a huge craving for Rice Cake filled with Red Bean Paste.  So I have gotten all the ingredients and am going to make some Mochi this week.  I just love it and so do my children.   I love the fact that my kids don’t recognize that they have always been exposed to food that other families would never think to try or eat.  They have eaten so many types of foods that most children never get to try.  We eat things regularly that are just not the norm in other households.  I think that is great and hope one day they help another person see how yummy new foods are.

I finished the Tiny Tippet today!  The knitting part anyway.  I cast off my first class project!  YEAh!  I still have to sew in ends and figure out how buttons will be arranged.  That is for another lesson later this week, as well as starting a new one.  I am not sure which project to start with but I think I am leaning towards socks.  That will have all sorts of new challenges for me.

Of course, the boys had a great time this weekend with T and O over for Sunday fun and today for Knitting.  I love having them all here.  It totally makes my day every day they are here.  T. proudly showed O his stitches he made and did another one for show.  It is totally cute!  I hope he keeps with it.


One thought on “Happenings

  1. It sounds like you guys have been incredibly busy and productive. We missed youthis weekend. We’re in the 1 month countdown to moving HOME, though, and we can’t wait to be able to hang with you guys again soon.

    Let me know how the mochi making goes. I love it, but it’s not something I’ve made before.


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