Nummers for Lunch

Today we started our school work on a positive note with the practice of Cursive, but we started late in the day. Only anhour or so before lunch.  My fault.  Of course, the day spiraled into battle as soon as we came to the next page of school work.  Writing Sentences.  We fought over getting that done so we could eat lunch that I had prepared whilst doing the cursive and the first sentence on the worksheet.  Finally, he finished one sentence and I needed to eat, so we put that aside and ate our lovely lunch.

After we cleaned  up, the battel commenced again to complete the rest of his worksheets.  But finally around 1ish he completed the work and was off to his shower.  Now he is free to play and I can breath a little sigh of relief for the moment.

B. was given a writing assignment today to write a persuasive essay.  This is in hopes of giving LC a writing sample to evaluate his work.  I really need him to be prepared for essay writing and college writing.  Seventh Grade is not that far off from College.   LC gave me some ideas to present to him for topics and I feel this will certainly help motivate him writing.   He has Tae Kwon Do this evening.

That means I get to go to knitting group!! at B&N, hopefully, if all goes well with T.  Yeah!  Show and tell!!


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